June 27, 2024 | Fairmont Makati


Elevating the Customer Experience Paradigm
in the Digital Landscape





June 27, 2024 | Fairmont Makati


1 Dedicated CX day

20+ ELITE Speakers and Facilitators

150+ CX Leaders Attendees

5 Focused Group Discussions

Interactive Sessions and Polling Questions

One-To-One Meeting

By Invitation Only for D to C Level

Exclusive Networking Sessions


The significance of customer experience (CX) cannot be underscore enough in the ever-shifting digital terrail. Enter the CX Leaders Strategy Forum Philippines-a pivotal platform where industry leaders converge to exchange insights

How do we Interchange?


As senior executives gather for a series of focused group discussions, each table is hosted and moderated by an industry leader and a subject matter expert, covering various topics


Delegates are grouped into sets of five, with each EDXchange session spanning 60 minutes. Plenary sessions are separated between FGDs.


As hosts, industry leaders, and subject matter experts can share case studies together, facilitating meaningful conversations with the delegates and bringing their insights, experience, and best practices.


This opportunity fosters intimate peer-to-peer group discussions, promoting fruitful conversations and ensuring high-level strategic discussions with an innovative framework

What’s in it for

End-User Delegates

The EDXchange Experience

The CX Leaders Strategy Forum takes pride in its unique format, ensuring that every Industry Leader – Host delegate is introduced to our VIP international and domestic facilitators who host an EDXchange.

The EDXchange format brings senior executives together for a series of focused group discussions. Each table features a different topic and is hosted by a senior industry leader along with a subject matter expert. With their combined insights and expertise, they facilitate meaningful conversations with our delegates.

Who Attends

Industry Focus

Retailers, FMCG, E-Commerce
Banks, payment providers
Manufacturing and Healthcare
Telco and Service Businesses

More reasons to love this format

Dynamic activities with multiple formats

Keynotes, panels, fireside chats, EDXchange session, pre-arranged, mutually-matched one-to-one meetings


Active engagement in meaningful and interesting discussions with delegates’ participation, live Q&A, polling

Group Session

You are grouped with similar peers so you can discuss shared challenges


Detailed intelligence comprised of your organizational challenges, priorities, and initiatives to find the best sessions and meetings to attend

Personalized Agenda

Productive activity calendar with handpicked sessions prior to the event

End-user x Tech Expert Dynamic

Learn from both perspectives on strategies, actual applications and successful use cases

Gamified Presentation

Have fun with meaningful interactions

How do we interchange?


"The highlight for me was the interaction among conference participants, where we could openly share best practices and insights from our respective groups. What set this event apart was the focus on meaningful interaction rather than a barrage of vendor presentations. I’d rate it a 9 because everything, from logistics to food to venue, was exceptionally well taken care of, making it nearly perfect in my eyes.”

CEO / CTO Rex Group of Companies

"I accepted the invitation to speak because, like many participants, I was eager to network, share insights, and learn from others. The event was well-organized, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. As for improvements, utilizing data to understand participants’ backgrounds, industries, and pain points would have been beneficial for better preparation and exchange of insights.”

CMO Allianz Philippines

"I'm thrilled to be part of this CX Leaders Strategy Forum. The discussions on the future of customer experience have been eye-opening, especially regarding the role of data and innovation. This event is invaluable for learning about technology’s impact on CX. The opportunity to exchange experiences across industries is fantastic. I appreciate the format, particularly the breakout sessions without PowerPoint, which fosters more engaging conversations between experts and participants. Congratulations on a successful forum and a great format!”

Head Of Customer Experience Management Globe Telecom/GCash

"One reason I’m here is to explore CRM solutions, given that this is a customer experience forum. It’s a great opportunity to evaluate available solutions and improve our customer experience. What I’ve enjoyed most is exchanging experiences with organizations from different industries, learning how they measure customer experience and implement solutions.”

Head of Department Philippines Deposit Insurance

"This event is amazing I really love the format it’s been great because of its intimate discussion of chamber, one on one meeting with a very in-depth discussion as well as network decision working out to move here, people are going to come to put up a demo and ask questions that they have so I love the fact that you get to meet up everybody together so it’s a very great format.”

Events Marketing Manager, Asia Contentsquare

"This event is very different from the others I attended because of their round-table session and the networking is unique. This are just some of the features that made us interested to join this event. They provide us with great database which what we are looking for.“

Head of Marketing Exotel


Cathy Santamaria

Chief Customer and Marketing Officer

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Iris Yacat

Chief Operations Officer and Chief Customer Experience Officer


Aaron Dela Paz

Chief Experience & Operations Officer

AllCard Inc.

Venn Jude ‘VJ’ Francisco

Chief Experience Officer

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation

Lionel Gacad

Chief Experience Officer

GoTyme Bank

Gino Riola

Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer

Allianz PNB Life Insurance Inc.

Rowena Zamora

Chief Strategy Officer

GCash (Mynt - Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.)

Rey Lugtu

Chief Executive Officer

The Hungry Workhorse

Ley Tapang-Garcia

Vice President and Head of Customer Experience and Analytics

PLDT Global Corporation

Abigail Ho-Torres

Assistant Vice President - Head, Customer Experience

Maynilad Water Services

Sam Tolentino

Head of Training, Quality & VOC – CESG

UnionBank of the Philippines

Paul Velasquez

Head of Customer Experience Management Operations

GCash (Mynt - Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.)

Coleen Calapis

Head, CX Solutions Delivery

Aboitiz Power

Glenn Ong

Director, Customer Experience

Cebu Pacific Air

Lester San Antonio

Director of Business Development SEA


Eric Loh

Customer Experience Specialist, Asia









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The significance of customer experience (CX) cannot be underscored enough in the ever-shifting digital terrain. Enter the CX Leaders Strategy Forum Philippines—a pivotal platform where industry leaders converge to exchange insights and navigate the dynamic realm of customer- centric strategies. With the theme “Elevating the Customer Experience Paradigm in the Digital Landscape,” this forum is poised to address the critical need for businesses to reimagine their CX approaches in the digital age.

Insights from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary underscore the paramount importance of understanding consumer behavior for both public and private providers of goods and services in the Philippines. A recent Rakuten Insight survey revealed that despite pandemic-related restrictions, 37% of Philippine respondents maintained their online shopping habits in the second quarter of 2022. This highlights the imperative to adapt CX strategies to meet evolving consumer needs.

Moment’s Customer Experience in Asia-Pacific Report identifies three key CX trends: Enhancement of Digital Customer Experience, Use of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots, and Establishment of Customer Loyalty and Retention. DTI’s initiatives closely align with these trends, particularly in supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Under the Enhancing Digital Customer Experience umbrella, DTI has launched initiatives such as the BNRS Next Gen program, CTRL BIZ Reboot Now, and Digital Maturity Toolkit. These programs streamline business processes, enhance digital marketing capabilities, and facilitate online business registration for MSMEs.

Additionally, DTI’s adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots, exemplified by the Trade and Industry Assistant (TIA), underscores its commitment to providing personalized customer support and resolving queries in real time.

In response to the growing importance of Customer Loyalty and Retention, DTI has implemented measures such as Joint-Administrative Order (JAO) No. 22-01, establishing guidelines for online businesses to enhance consumer trust and protect their interests.

The CX Leaders Strategy Forum Philippines 2024 provides industry stakeholders with a timely forum to discuss cutting-edge CX strategies, share best practices, and promote sustainable growth in the current digital-first era, as the digital landscape continues to transform. By fostering dialogue among industry frontrunners, this forum aims to uncover innovative strategies and technologies that elevate CX excellence. With a comprehensive agenda featuring plenary sessions, panel discussion, and interactive roundtable sessions, participants will gain actionable perspectives to thrive in the digital-first landscape, positioning themselves as leaders in delivering unparalleled customer experiences.